Viscose Yarn Manufacturer

Pallipalayam spinners has over two decades of expertise in the production of high quality viscose yarn, operating from the city of salem, Pallipalayam spinner have created a niche for themselves, not only in India but many parts of the world. All this has been possible because of the high standards of viscose yarn production, procurement of the correct raw materials and our adherence to global standards of production

This backed up by our strength i.e, our team of highly skilled technical staff, has ensured that viscose yarn quality, produced by pallipalayam spinners matches or exceeds the best available in the world market. Our ever growing list of client tell from all parts the world testimony to the success of our products. Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Brasil, USA, Morocco, Slovakia, Egypt, Greece, Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan, Uk, Japan, Portugal, Korea, Peru and Turkey are some of the countries, which have been importing viscose yarn from us since 1985 .

With a capacity of 37,000 spindles, we have an executive range of products costing of both single and double viscose yarn, they are as follows.
100% bright viscose yarn
100% dull viscose yarn

100% Viscose Open End Yarn
Pallipalayam Spinners: Manufacturing 100% Viscose Open End Yarn with Schlafhorst AC 360 model machine with SE-12 SPINBOX. Our yarn quality is acknowledged by the BELCORO Certifiacate with License No.01-00-394/03/.07 from Schlafhorst, Germany. You can also verify the same from In the southern part of india the only holder of BELCORO Certificate from Schlafhorst.

Viscose Yarn Manufacturer

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Viscose Yarn Manufacturer India

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